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We're Ben Holden and Jon Maguire, founders of Compass Courses. We created this learning platform after spending a number of years working as communication specialists in the responsible investment space of the pensions industry. 

Time and time again, we met with pension fund trustees who were frustrated with the lack of independent training and information available to them on the topic of responsible investment, citing a general lack of education as the main barrier to the development of their responsible investment strategies.

We saw a great opportunity here to help our network of pension fund trustees gain access to honest and unbiased education around this incredibly pertinent topic, by curating and communicating completely independent thought-leadership pieces from industry experts around the world. 

It was incredibly important to us to create training courses that people could trust. We create these educational programmes to help trustees increase their understanding of ESG, not to sell them a responsible investment product at the end of it. 



2020 also saw the entire world plunged into a pandemic, forcing many of us to work remotely, and unable to organise or attend in-person training events. At that point, we decided to use our skills in creating engaging video content and Jon's previous experience of creating high-quality online training courses to produce the Compass Courses platform. 


We began by reaching out to our network of experts, a network that spans the entire length and breadth of the pensions industry - and beyond. We compiled their ideas, strategies and case studies, and began curating them into tangible, step-by-step guides - using our decades of communications experience to produce jargon-free, engaging and easy to follow training programmes specifically for pension fund trustees. 

We use ourselves as the test subjects for our own work; as neither of us are from a purely financial background, we create courses that we know are incredibly useful to trustees, regardless of their level of understanding of the complex acronyms and initialisms that make up a lot of the investment industry. If we can understand these complex and sophisticated ideas and strategies, then anyone can!

Jon Maguire, Co-Founder